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oops sorry, i just reblogged a bunch of stuff to my art blog and not my inspiration blog. just gonna delete them now!

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wow i love this program?? it’s free and really easy to use. you should download it!!

i saw a friend messing around with it last night, so i decided to try it myself and made a face.

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chanbaek switcharound meme with Leminhty and Julithi!
TWO BIGGEST SWEETIES EVER drawing sweet things :-)

look at some cute boys drawn by two cute people and me hmm~

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#ahaha my goodness i just dont know how to draw them gomen

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i know it may be hard to believe, but i don’t often handle pens with my feet

i found the blank meme here: x

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i feel like skipping day 16 (fave rock type) because i cannot for the life of me draw aggron. dang.

Day 15: Favourite Psychic Type

They look like lil peas

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Day 14: Favourite Poison Type

A surprise favourite of mine.

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i’m mega behind with the POKEDDEXY challenge, so the next few pieces are gonna be doodly poop. 8U

Day 13: Favourite Normal Type

I actually love a lot of normal types but Skitty’s the easiest to draw lmao

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#i think zigzagoon may be my actual fave hahaa